Welcome to the Frugal Freezer. Like many of you, I used to suffer from what I like to call the "5 O'clock famine."

I've got no idea what to make for dinner dinner, the kids are screaming, the husband is hungry, and my energy is zapped. At this point I'm hungry enough to eat cardboard! I'm tempted to pick up the phone and call Papa Johns to bail me out, just one more time, as I promise myself a healthy home cooked meal tomorrow...right!

Then, one day I discovered a technique called Once a Month Cooking (OAMC), also known as Freezer Cooking, Bulk Cooking, etc. and it became my saving grace. The concept is simple- you cook all of your meals for the month in one day (2 for me!) and freeze them. My meals are planned out a month in advance, so even my husband, should he ever be so inclined to "cook" dinner for me, can pop a frozen entree into the oven and voila! Dinner is served. No more wondering "what's for dinner?", and no more wasting money eating out greasy unhealthy food. Not to mention- it's always nice to have extra food stored up when impromptu guests arrive, or to give to a friend that's just had a baby, a sick relative...you know, like the good ol' days, when people used to do nice things for one another.

Now, I'm sure you're saying, that sounds like it's great, but I have no idea how or where to start!

Don't worry! I've got you covered. As the blog continues to grow, I'll be sharing planning advice, tips, and even menus to get you started. Now, grab a jacket and step inside my freezer....

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