Tips and Tricks

  • Always set your freezer on the coldest setting before getting started. The freezer has to work hard to freeze your foods, so the colder, the better. Your freezer temperature should be at 0 degrees, or colder.
  • Always wait until your food has completely cooled before trying to put it in the freezer.
  • Don't put everything in the freezer at once! It will cause your freezer to work too hard and won't properly freeze your meals! As a general rule of thumb, 2-3lbs of food per cubic inch will freeze in 24hrs. Use your refrigerator to keep things cold if you don't have enough room.
  • Leave extra room in your packages and containers. Foods expand when frozen so be sure not to fill your package up to the brim.
  • Wear comfortable shoes on your cooking day. You will be on your feet all day.
  • Make it fun! Put on some music, gather your friends, and get ready for a party in your kitchen!

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